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Benefits Of Crystal Healing

Divine Essence Crystal healing is a healing system working specifically with 24 crystals that cover all areas of mind body and spirit. This system of healing serves to unify heart and mind to help a client get in touch with their own essence and innate healing abilities. Divine Essence Crystal Healing is multi-dimensional so that even if a client presents with a physical symptom the crystals will work, not only on the physical body, but on the mental, emotional and spiritual energies also.

The Practitioner chooses crystals that are tailored to suit your specific needs on the day. Crystals are placed on each chakra and the client is immersed in the crystalline energies for the duration of the session whilst the practitioner works with the crystals individually. Feedback will be provided after 
the session by the practitioner to the client.

Divine Essence Crystal Healing is a multi-dimensional healing system working on mind body andspirit activating the clients own healing abilities and connecting them with their own divine essence. Connects the client with the crystal kingdom and the earth’s natural ability to aid healing and empowerment of the individual. 

As with all healing systems it is always recommended to seek medical advice for physical issues and to utilise Crystal healing as a tool to enhance your well-being in all areas of your life.

Divine Essence Crystal Healing

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