We offer a wide range of workshops such as Angel Workshops, Ascension Workshops, Divine Essence Crystal Healing Workshops, IET- Healing Angels of the Energy Field Workshops, and Magnified Healing Workshops.​

I also run workshops on request for individuals on a one to one basis or for groups.

If you are interested please give me a call on 087 7689 377 or email kkreikispirit@gmail.com 

and we can arrange a workshop on a day that suits.

  • Angel Communication Workshop
  • A Day With Archangel Michael & His Twin Flame Archangel Faith
  • Healing The Heart With Archangel Chamuel & Twin Flame Archangel Charity
  • Healing & Blessings With Archangel Raphael & His Twin Flame Mother Mary
  • A Day Of Personal Transformation & Freedom With Archangel Zadkiel And His Twin Flame Archangel Amethyst Workshop


  • Opening Up to Ascension with Quan Yin Workshop
  • The Wesak Festival Workshop​