Why is Rahanni Different?

“Rahanni” means “Of one Heart”, there is no separation, we are all from one Divine universal life-force energy. 

This powerful healing energy vibrates on a pink ray of light which connects to the heart centre releasing all fear based thinking and negativity. It opens us up to our natural essence of truth, love and compassion and balances our masculine and feminine energies.

It helps to release our fears and negative thoughts accumulated over this and many past lifetimes, allowing our heart centre to open fully to unconditional love, joy, inner peace and harmony.

Rahanni works with Ascended Masters Kwan Yin (the Goddess of Love and Compassion) and Lord Melchizedek, the Pink Celestial Angels and the Archangels.

How does Rahanni Work?

FAQ About Rahanni Celestial Healing

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Rahanni Celestial Healing

Everyone can benefit from receiving a Rahanni Celestial Healing, especially children because they are so open to these higher energies. It has been known to benefit children diagnosed with hyperactivity and A.D.D.

Having a Rahanni Celestial Healing is very beneficial for those suffering from emotional pain and trauma as it helps to reduce stress, anxiety, tension and fear.

Rahanni is really a wonderful therapy for those who wish to take “time out or me time” from the busy world we live in as it promotes relaxation, general health & wellbeing.

Many people find their attitudes to life and its problems change for the better as a result of receiving Rahanni Celestial Healing.  Rahanni needs to be experienced to be appreciated. You don’t need to believe for it to work, just to have a desire to receive and accept the energy.

Animals also benefit from receiving Rahanni and have no problem accepting this wonderful healing light.

The difference is the vibration.  Rahanni Celestial Healing works on a higher vibration and at a deeper level than any other healing modality at this time.

It vibrates on a pink ray of light, balancing the heart centre bringing forth love and compassion to each individual soul.

Although it is thousands of years old it is a 'new' healing modality  for the 'Age of Aquarius', bringing truth, love and compassion, helping to change the consciousness and opening the hearts of every man, woman and child.

Rahanni Celestial Healing is a new healing modality channelled by Carol Stacey for the “Age of Aquarius”. It vibrates on the pink ray of light that corresponds with the heart centre, releasing all fear based thinking and negativity, opening us up to truth, love and compassion. Helping us to understand and recognise our true essence which is pure unconditional love. Rahanni has been used for thousands of years but this is the first time it has been brought forward to this planet. This beautiful healing light is helping to raise the consciousness of humanity and the release of karmic debt allowing everyone to move forward and have the quality of life they deserve.

Rahanni is not based any religion, it is our natural essence, bringing balance to our body and mind.

Benefits of Rahanni Celestial Healing